Career Pathway Program

Our Career Pathway Program enables adult learners to earn their high school diploma from a recognized regionally accredited school.

Specifically for students having completed the required high school work, but have not received their high school diploma, because they did not pass the required standardized state test (FCAT, AIMS, etc…) or have not received an official high school diploma.

Program duration is up to one (1) year. However, learner DOES NOT need to wait for a year to complete it, since he/she will be working at their own pace and time.

Program completion time will be up to the individual learner.
Proper request learner transcript from previous high school(s), and then combine those academic records with Keystone’s record into one final transcript.
The program is a virtual/digital school; therefore all classes are accessible Online and will:

Provide learners with counseling and supportive services to identify and attain academic and career goals.
Provide structured course sequences that are articulated and contextualized.
Allow students to advance to higher levels of education and employment.
Provide opportunities for acceleration for learners to attain recognized postsecondary credentials, including degrees, industry relevant certifications, and certificates of completion of apprenticeship programs.
Be organized to meet the needs of adults.
Be aligned with the education and skill needs of the regional economy.
Have been developed and implemented in collaboration with partners in business, workforce development and economic development.

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